10 Questions You Shouldn`t Be Ashamed to Ask Your OBGYN


Going to the OBGYN for an annual checkup or to discuss health concerns can be awkward and uncomfortable for most women. Especially if it’s your first appointment with your OB. It’s natural to feel embarrassed; after all, these are highly personal and private matters.

Your reproductive health, on the other hand, is far too important to be afraid or embarrassed to ask questions. Thankfully, your doctor in Downey is used to these inquiries and does not want you to feel embarrassed. So, the next time you visit your medical clinic in Los Angeles, don’t be ashamed about asking questions about women’s health.

  • Why does my vagina or discharge have an unusual odor?
  • What is the appropriate birth control for me?
  • What can I do when sex hurts?
  • Is it normal to have no sex drive?
  • When you experience itching and bums down there
  • Can I have sex during pregnancy?
  • How often should a woman get a pelvic exam and a pap test?
  • Why am I experiencing leakage when I laugh, sneeze, or cough?
  • What should I expect after delivery?
  • When you have no interest in sex

It’s also critical that your daughters have annual well-woman visits to stay informed and healthy. Never be afraid to ask your gynecologist any questions, even if you have to cover your face or turn your back to us while doing so. Tender Care Community Clinic, Inc.‘s OBGYN is here to help you!

It is our goal as your family clinic in Downey, California, to promote and protect good health and wellness in our community. And if you need your family medicine refilled in any way, don’t hesitate to give us a call!

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