Diabetes Care: Calorie Restriction


Calorie restriction is when you reduce your average daily caloric intake below what is habitual or typical without malnutrition or deprivation of essential nutrients. This, for some, may also be accomplished by intermittent fasting, if the same is safe for your health status.

Studies have shown that calorie restriction can lead to improvements in a variety of health conditions. It has also been found to reduce fat mass, delay the development of age-associated diseases such as Type 2 diabetes, and increase lifespan in some species. Research studies have also supported that a calorie-restricted life will add to one’s longevity.

Our medical clinic in Los Angeles offers diabetic care that can also help you which food groups to consume and which ones to avoid. Generally, it does not take a large reduction in calories to achieve good effects. A calorie-restricted diet can yield lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol levels, lower chances of diabetes, and reduced chances of heart disease. It has also been found to be beneficial to women’s health.

While doing calorie restriction involves good and promising results, the National Institute on Aging, cautioned against persons entering into calorie-restriction mode prematurely. Exercise and maintaining a healthy weight and diet are still recommended for healthy aging.

So, before entering into a calorie-restricted diet, consult our doctor in Downey first.

To attain good health, call Tender Care Community Clinic, Inc. today! Our family clinic in Downey, California is ready to provide you with the right medical advice and treatment you need.

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