The Future of Medical Care Is Tender Care Community Clinic, Inc.

At Tender Care Community Clinic, Inc., we always put you and your needs first. Healthcare, for us, should be rendered with excellence and professionalism, and this is what we endeavor to do in each of our services. With the help of our qualified and talented health professionals, we make sure to deliver medical care services that are suitable and flexible to each of our client’s changing needs.

Our family clinic in Downey, California, offers the following services:

Pregnancy Testing
The journey to motherhood can be daunting, and we don’t want you to feel discouraged before it has even started. Our pregnancy testing process is simple and accurate. Should you need further assistance with your prenatal needs, we can also help you with that.

As they always say, “Prevention is better than cure.” We provide safe handling and administration of vaccines to help people ward off potential infections from their surroundings. In the wake of the pandemic, these vaccines are most important to our health.

We currently offer Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson and Johnson vaccines for everyone.

Blood work
Blood tests are preventive measures that are part of your healthcare process. Whether your physician has asked for laboratory blood tests or our practitioners have recommended you to take them while we work on your physical evaluation, we are here to be of service once more.
COVID-19 Testing

We also offer COVID-19 testing services. This is our contribution in making the threat of the coronavirus bearable and eventually eliminated. Everyone’s safety is our concern. Stay safe, everyone!

If you wish to be tested, just contact us.

Because of the real threat of the virus, we encourage everyone to avail themselves of our telehealth services. We may not interact face-to-face, but we can still guide you and assist you in receiving the appropriate health care and support from qualified professionals.
Choose health care that won’t let you down. Choose us.
Schedule an appointment with us here. For more queries, just send them here. We are always happy to serve you.