Let’s Talk about Children and Ear Infection


Children will always have a hard time explaining what they feel. Especially if it is on the extreme. The painful feeling and the agitation can be new and challenging for them to handle and understand. It is hard for a child to explain the pain when they have an infection. One, they still don’t understand the pain. Second, the situation might be too new for them to handle.

As a medical clinic in Los Angeles, we have observed that an ear infection is generally the most experienced infection by children. There are two types of ear infection:

  • The otitis externa or the swimmer’s ear. This ear infection occurs after swimming from freshwater lakes or swimming pools. We do not know what bacteria are present in these bodies of water. Thus, it is inevitable for the child’s outer-ear canal to be infected.
  • The otitis media is the middle-ear infection that occurs behind the eardrum. The cause for this type of ear infection is either bacteria or viruses.

If you see that your child is complaining about pain, has hearing difficulty, vomits, is irritable, and is having fever, among others, call your pediatrician. You can also avail our services at Tender Care Community Clinic, Inc. We are a family clinic that offers pediatrics and general family medicine. We will go beyond our way to provide the care our patients deserve.

Our doctor in Downey will observe additional symptoms and other signs of illness. We make sure that we will immediately address the situation.

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