Questions to Ask On Your First Prenatal Visit


You may be in the early stages of pregnancy, but it’s good to know the questions to ask on your first prenatal visit.

Because you and your Doctor in Downey will be going over the general health check-ups and routine prenatal processes, expect this appointment to take a few hours. But don’t worry, after this first visit, your next check-ups will only take a little over 15 minutes for uncomplicated pregnancies.

Aside from your important medical information, what else should you prepare for your visit to the Medical Clinic in Los Angeles?

Well, you should also take this opportunity to learn more about what you should expect while you’re carrying your fetus. Tender Care Community Clinic, Inc. is here to share a few questions that you should ask your OBGYN. Take a look:

  • First, changes you should make to your diet
    Ask your doctor what types of food will benefit you and your baby the most, as well as what prenatal vitamins will suit both your needs best.
  • The second is how much weight you should expect to gain during pregnancy.
    On your visit to your Family Clinic in Downey, California, ask your OBGYN what weight range is the healthiest for you and your baby. This way, you can both work together to establish ways to stay at a healthy pregnancy weight.
  • Third, how much exercise should you be doing
    Exercise is a fantastic way to reduce back pain, keep weight under control, and lower the risk of gestational diabetes. But you have to avoid activities that have a high risk of falling or abdominal trauma.

We hope these tips help out. If you’re looking for Family Medicine services, just give us a call at 562-869-7007 to get in touch.

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