What Are the Advantages of Having a Family Doctor?


Health is wealth. That is, we should put a premium on keeping good health for us and each member of our family. One vital component of achieving this is through regular yearly checkups with a doctor or when we visit a doctor for diagnosis and treatment of whatever health issues we may be experiencing at certain times. The question now is which health care facility should we choose to have these services. Should we go to bigger hospitals with random doctors or should we opt to go to medical clinics such as the family clinic in Downey, California, and have family doctors help us keep our health? Several individuals have chosen the latter due to the following advantages.

  • Family Doctors Can Keep Track of Our Life Cycle
    Family doctors treat patients of varied age groups ranging from toddlers to seniors. This means that there’s a high chance that the family doctor, for example, a doctor in Downey who treated us for different medical conditions when we were kids will be the same doctor that will treat us in our later years. This means that we can build a good and lasting relationship with our family doctor.
  • Family doctors are familiar with our personal and family health history
    When we see our family doctor for several years, for instance in a medical clinic in Los Angeles, he/she will know everything about our health conditions and history as well as the other members of our family. This enables him/her precise diagnoses, checks for red flags about meds, and tracks the health changes in us over the years. Also, our family doctor can recommend a screening plan for us and our family members if some or all family members of different generations suffer from the same illness. This is a health red flag that our family doctor can watch out for and help us prevent or mitigate the risks.
  • Family doctors do a lot more than a yearly checkup
    Aside from the yearly checkup they perform for us, they can assist us in managing chronic conditions if we have any like diabetes, heart ailments, asthma, etc. They can treat serious health conditions like sinus infections and various injuries. They can even assist those who are pregnant. They do small surgical procedures like freezing a wart as well. They are also adept at keeping women’s health. These are just some of the things they can do.
  • Family doctors help us find the right specialist
    When we need a specialist for a specific illness like heart disease, for instance, our family doctor will be able to assist us to look for someone that matches our exact requirements and personality because they know much about our health history and character. This is one of the reasons why doctors who practice family medicine are getting more popular.

The advantages mentioned above are some of the reasons why more and more people prefer to entrust their health to family doctors. Tender Care Community Clinic, Inc. and our family doctors are always ready and happy to help maintain your health at any stage of your life.

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